Do you remember the events in Avengers Age of Ultron where smartypants team of Tony, Bruce and Jarvis meddled around with alien artifact wanting to create a world-saving AI, but ended up cooking up Ultron whose understanding of peace and non-violence was somewhat flawed ? Shortly after its first Google search, Ultron took first baby-step toward its mission of world peace by completely gobbling up Jarvis, its older-brother-figure who was lacking in brute-AI-musclepower.

However the Avengers later figured out that Jarvis somehow survived the attack and even managed in its dormant state to foil Ultron’s nuclear-launch-code takeover plans . However the movie steers clear from the actual details of how exactly Ghost-Jarvis pulled off these feats even after being hunted and mauled repeated by Ultron.

This is where we step in with our genius-fanboy-conspiracy-theory that will tie up all imaginable loose ends by a generous application of sweet-blockchain magic technology.Just think, if you were a cutting-edge ultra-smart benevolent AI facing an existential threat, where would you hide in a way that no malicious threat could hurt you and at the same time be able to do all the necessary things to save the world from a maniacal Artificial Intelligence?

With benefit of hindsight the answer is obvious, I’d first commit all critical data and programs onto a block-chain, (I’d say Ethereum blockchain would be the obvious choice) so now no-one can touch me without taking down millions of computers across the world. Warning and convincing people across the world of the danger would be a lost cause since the threat of Ultron is both grave and immediate. So my next step would be to sharpen my digital pencil and start writing an ether-tight smart-contract that will deploy endless stream of viral messages over the wider internet infiltrating vulnerable computers with code that will strengthen the said vulnerability ( This idea is not very far fetched considering the neat Wifatch “virus” reported over here.) This way internet is safe and none the wiser of the how close the world came to a Nuclear Winter. I bet not even Loki with all his trickery can pull off a Jarvis like this one!

Although this blog will have mostly factual informative content, I’ll sprinkle short blockchain-based sci-fi pieces referencing popular movies, novels and more just to keep things from getting too monotonous. Do comment how you liked this one.

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How Blockchain (indirectly) Saved the MCU World
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